Max Kaplan


17 August 2016: New publication

A paper I coauthored with Aran Mooney is coming out in Scientific Reports in the next few days. The work looks at how acoustic particle motion propagates from coral reefs and assesses how far larval animals in search of suitable settlement habitat might be able to hear the reef.

7 August 2016: New paper out

A new paper that I wrote with Susan Solomon at MIT has been published online in Marine Policy. The work details projections of the potential source levels of the global commercial shipping fleet if capacity growth continues unabated. Commercial shipping has been shown to contribute significant amounts of noise to the marine environment, raising concern for effects on aquatic life.

19 August 2015: New publications

Two new papers came out last week from my work in the US Virgin Islands. One in the Marine Ecology Progress Series about coral reef soundscapes and species assemblages and one in Marine Pollution Bulletin detailing trends in vessel activity. Find them under the Publications tab. This work was covered in the media here and here.

12 March 2015: Reef acoustic recorder recovery

I've just completed another two-week trip to Maui, along with my adviser Aran Mooney and collaborator Marc Lammers (Oceanwide Science Institute), during which we successfully recovered and redeployed our acoustic recorders on eight coral reefs. All of the recorders had successfully recorded since September - now the data analysis starts.

9 February 2015: New paper published

Cam Braun (another WHOI/MIT Joint Program student) and I wrote a paper in collaboration with Andrij Horodysky and Joel Llopiz that was published today in Animal Biotelemetry. It is a review of the insights gained into the biophysical interactions of billfish using pop-up satellite archival tags (PSATs).

31 January 2015: Back to Hawaii

I am back in Maui for a week to retrieve and redeploy a number of acoustic recorders that I put out on reefs here in September. So far so good - a visit to two sites yielded recorders with data on them at each site. Fingers crossed for the remaining reefs. After this I will be returning to Maui in March to carry out an acoustic propagation experiment. 

1 August 2014: Fieldwork

Over the last two weeks I have been preparing for two back-to-back research expeditions, starting next week. First, I am going to Palau with Anne Cohen's lab at WHOI to collect reef acoustic recordings alongside their research on coral skeletons and carbon chemistry. After that, I head to Maui to deploy acoustic recorders on a range of reefs for up to four months. Follow the lab's research blog for updates from both of these field projects.